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Careers at  Tarsus Distribution
Making a lasting difference by realising the power of our people

We're Looking For People Like You

We believe that the greatest asset we have is our people. As such, we focus all our efforts on ensuring that everything we do contributes towards unleashing our peoples’ potential, both personally and professionally.​

We view ourselves as an enabler, a gateway to the desired futures of our people. ​

Mental Wellbeing
We maintain a fine balance between challenging work that is ably supported by a continuous-learning and development culture which we are ever refining, so to remain relevant.​

Heart Wellbeing
We strongly believe in the spirit of ‘umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu’ (a person is a person through / because of others) and so provide opportunities for our people to meaningfully engage society at large.​

Financial Wellbeing
We prioritise fair remuneration but also value rewards and recognition to celebrate individual and team successes; no matter how big or small. ​

Physical Wellbeing
We recognise the general health of one’s body as a key success factor. We therefore promote exercise, good nutrition and good health habits.​

Join Our Team

We are continually searching for talented individuals who share our values and can grow with us.
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